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Rigatoni Bomb Squad
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Rigatoni Bomb Squad Aesthetic: sitting in the passengers seat of your friend's 1999 honda accord, waiting for them to finish a cigarette while you think about how soon you'll leave this town for good, watching the halogen streetlights. You sigh and think about all the past versions of yourself you've left behind. Favorite track: Yura Yura.
Ally Mason
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Ally Mason original, dank and nice people
what more could ya want? Favorite track: Today's Happiness.
Colby Tibbet
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Colby Tibbet When artists pull their influences and twist them in a new and inventive way is always a risk. This record successfully takes that risk. Lush yet deliberate, and simply just filled with great riffs throughout. Favorite track: Wisdombody.
Scott Schaus
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Scott Schaus One of my favorite records of the year, easily. Moe Meguro is a secret gem that I was somehow able to find in the rough. The realm of influences at play and pure execution on ideas makes it hard to choose a single track because it's a full experience. Can't wait to see what they do next. BUY THIS RECORD! Favorite track: Maybe U Are.
Janson Sommers
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Janson Sommers When I first found this album I was almost angry that I had never seen any press on it. CC reeled me in with it's avalanche of different styles and sounds. After I bought it I listened to Wisdombody over and over again like I was a giddy teenager.
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FKA Moe Meguro

Curling's self-titled 9 song LP is Jojo and Bernie's first collaboration with drummer Logan Bean.

Conceived piece by piece all over the world (from Sacramento to Berkeley to Austin to Japan), the album was recorded straight to tape in Oakland, CA.


released June 1, 2016

Joseph Brandel: guitars & bass. vocals on 1, 5, 8, 9
Bernie Gelman: guitars & keyboards. vocals on 2, 3, 4, 6, 8
Logan Bean: drums & percussion. vocals on 7

Lead vocals on "Maybe U Are" by Maya Laner of Porches
Violins on "CC" arranged by Bernie, performed by Graham Patzner
Upright bass on "CC" by Gary Calhoun James
Additional keys on "Jojo Too" by John Constant

Recorded to tape at Shipwreck Studio in Oakland, CA
Engineered by Jonah Strauss
Mixed by Jonah Strauss with the band
Additional recording by Erik Wofford at Cacophony Recorders in Austin, TX
Mastered by JJ Golden at Golden Mastering in Ventura, CA

All songs by Curling, except "#9 Dream" by John Lennon

Album art by Chou Yi

Thank you to our friends, family, and everyone else who made this album possible.


all rights reserved



Curling Berkeley, California

"crosby, stills, & nash meets cap'n jazz"

tokyo // berkeley

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Track Name: Today's Happiness
simple like autumn rain weather
how can I explain today's happiness?
autumn like fire in color
rain falls on my head
this is happiness
I turn 'round.
Track Name: Maybe U Are
maybe you are
the one I love
the truest touch
is fucked up and wrong so it seems
your hands are too rough on me
I can't be free
from the one I need
and violence
please leave me
come nowhere close
but we are bound by red thread so
you will always come home.
Track Name: CC
oh come off it, you've got nothing up your sleeve
I run away from you, and it follows:
everybody's waiting for your curtain call.
a new knot to start
and you don't know shit, but there you are
Track Name: #9 Dream
so long ago
was it in a dream?
was it just a dream?
I know, yes I know
seemed so very real
seemed so real to me
took a walk down the street
through the heat whispered trees
I thought I could hear
somebody called out my name
as it started to rain
two spirits dancing so strange
ah bowakawa poussé poussé!
Track Name: レイがいない夜は (Jojo Too)
Track Name: Super Eeyore
give it all away
naked ass too
it's how you fall by
the wayside
you've got nothing too
reborn as rain
I hide
it's how you fall by
the wayside.
Track Name: Wisdombody
(for a scaredy kid sorta solar-perplexed pondering the idea of duty now for the future...)

hits you with
a venn diagram straight to the diaphragm
my dude, you knew bitterness before all this
I can tell by that guiding light which illuminates the endless abyss
to the bottom of the stars, it's not too far
just gotta circumvent these bars

teach me the infinity of blood circuitry, our wired veins
wisdom body
a friend afraid of age
a desperate sorta sage fakes a fairly awful malady
teach me the infinity of blood circuitry
wisdom body
a friend afraid of age
a messed up sorta gauge of a reasonable reality

holding onto "0"
stands as an ancient hero
his truth was realized when he visualized the message in the skies
the timeless cipher which lies in the cosmos is as old as it's technology is bold
when the whole world gets sold
reflected in aurora, some bloody shade of gold, it gets your astral stoned
it's a cold cold cut wrought straight to the gut, hexed up and what not
Track Name: Yura Yura
oh fuck off,
you've lived your life with love to spare
it's only fair.
jai guru deva om
nothing's gonna change my world
Track Name: Motorbike → Famima
goodbye to this
shape and self
I'm naked on a motorbike
for miles and miles and miles and miles
I've blown a kiss to my friends and I leave them
god, anything I'd do to leave
the world it bends and spins like light
I can't decide in this life so I leave it
I'd do anything to make this
new shape and self
true enough to believe in anything
for miles and miles and miles and miles
material hell, material hell, material hell, material hell
it's all I want to leave
goodbye motorbike.

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